Friday, February 25, 2011

Review for Last Breath by Brandilyn and Amberly Collins

Last Breath (The Rayne Tour, #2)"Last Breath (The Rayne Tour #2)"

Author: Brandilyn Collins and Amberly Collins
Publisher: Zondervan
Source: Public Library
Challenge: For The Love of YA and The Library Challenge
224 pages
"The suspenseful and emotion-filled second book in the Rayne series begins where the first book ended with a dying man whispering four stunning words into Shaley OConnors ear. Should she believe him? After two murders on the Rayne concert tour, Shaley is reeling. But she has no time to rest. If the dying mans claim is right, the danger is far from over. Shaleys quest for the truth leads to the mysterious and wrenching past of her mother and father. Could what happened to them so many years ago threaten Shaleys life now?" - Summary from Goodreads

   I LOVE this series!!! So suspenseful, all the books can be eaten and devoured in one sitting! This book - bang, starts where it left off in the first book (which I hope to have a review posted soon!). Shaley's life is so crazy . . . it's just one event and tragedy after another. I really enjoyed when Rayne tells Shaley the story of her father, and how they met. I just ugh, at a loss for words right now. The plot was fast moving, chilling, suspenseful, heartfelt, loving all in one! The characters are awesome, so deep and well thought out. The writing is easy to follow and you can feel the emotions through the pages. All of the characters work together and don't clash - but are still realistic. The ending wraps it up nice, but I must tell you there is a third book (Final Touch) and I have reviewed that one. It was a good continue for the story. I really, really enjoyed reading this book today. This series has made it to my favourites! Yay! Good job to both writers. I also want to mention the cover. Creepy eh? I didn't know at first but if you look in the top right corner there is a paparazzi there, and that plays a big role in this story. Well, I highly recommend this book along with the whole series! Truly fast paced, thrilling series! Go, go check it out if you even have a sliver of interest!


"Your father sent me.
The last words of a dying man, whispered in my ear.
Were they true? What did they mean?
Your father sent me. The stunning claim drilled through my head, louder than the crowd’s screams.

Guitars blasted the last chord of Rayne’s hit song, Ever Alone, as Mom’s voice echoed through the Pepsi Center in Denver. The heavy drum beat thumped in my chest. With a final smash of cymbals the rock song ended. Multicolored laser lights swept the stadium, signaling the thirty-minute intermission.
Wild shrieks from thousands of fans rang in my ears.

I rose from my chair backstage. Tiredly, I smiled at the famous Rayne O’Connor as she strode toward me on high red heels. In the lights her sequined top shimmered and her blonde hair shone. She walked with confidence and grace, the picture of a rock star—until she stepped from her fans’ sight. Then her posture slumped, weariness creasing her beautiful face. Mom’s intense blue eyes usually glimmered with the excitement of performing, but now I saw only the wash of grief and exhaustion. How she’d managed to perform tonight, I’d never know. Except that she’s strong. A real fighter.

Me? I had to keep fighting too, even if my legs still trembled and I’d probably have nightmares for weeks.
Your father sent me.
I had to find out what those words meant."