Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review for The Disappeared by Gloria Whelan

The Disappeared"The Disappeared"
Author: Gloria Whelan
Publisher: Speak (Penguin Group)
Source: Public Library
Challenges: For the Love of YA and Library Challenge
144 pages

"The Disappeared. Los desaparecidos. This is the name given to those who opposed Argentinas dictatorial government and were kidnapped to ensure their silence. With her hometown of Buenos Aires ensconsced in the political nightmare, Silvia devises a plan to save her missing brother. She'll make Norberto, son of the general who arrests dissenters, fall in love with her and he'll have his father set Eduardo free.
Told in alternating chapters, this powerful and poetic story follows Silvia as she spirals into Norbertos world, and Eduardo as he struggles to endure physical and emotional torture. Will Silvia's scheme reunite her family? Or will the pursuit of freedom cost these devoted siblings their lives?" - Summary from Goodreads

    This was a very short read and I really liked that about it. The topic is far from upbeat, sure its a short read but it is not a light read. I admired Silvia and Eduardo for their courage throughout this book. You can clearly see their love for each other, that sibling bond that no one can break. It's crazy to think this was based on a true event . . . what those poor people went through! It really opens your eyes to what we have here. I cringed everytime Eduardo was beaten, and cried when things seemed bad. I truly felt all the emotions of this book. Great work Gloria Whelan . . . a touching story. I do suggest that you take a look at this book. I gave it three stars because I didn't love it, the writing was ok but not great and I didn't want to re-read it. The plot is fine, it's suspenseful to a degree, there is a twist, and it's a powerful read!


  "They forced the door open, giving Dichoso a brutal kick. Men wearing army uniforms and masks stormed into the house, making it their own. They placed a hood over your face, handcuffed you, and carried you away---pushing Father aside as he pleaded to go in your place. Mother grasped my hand so tightly I winced. She held on to me as she wanted to hold on to you, Eduardo, and could not.

  More masked men swarmed over the house, turning everything upside down. They emptied your room, carrying away your beloved books. One of the soliders purposely brushed against me, leering. Then they were gone. The house had never felt so empty."