Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review for Fifteen Minute Bob by Catherine Forde

Fifteen Minute Bob 
"Fifteen Minute Bob"

Author: Catherine Forde
Publisher: Egmont Books
Source: Library
Challenge: Library Challenge, For the love of YA
256 pages

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Me and Dad? Well, we're on opposite sides of a gaping fault-line  -No, actually we're on different planets.
   Rory's dad is a struggling singer-songwriter and is obsessed by one rock'n'roll hero. Despite years of failure, his music is all that matters - nothing else: not job, not money, not even family. So Rory's home life is unpredictable enough. But when his two best mates hook up with his dad to release a music viral, everything flips.

   Interesting storyline right? That's what I thought too! And I do want to assure you that the book does stick to this... completes it well. I gave this book two stars, sad isn't it? I don't think I've ever given a book two stars. What was the problem? I just couldn't follow the story! No matter how hard I focused! The accent's (I think it's British-having there own words for stuff) and the constant flashbacks kept me guessing what in the world was going on. Plainly said, I just didn't like it. It kind of got boring, I couldn't get in to it. The only exciting part was the ending! Fairly good wrap up. The characters are good, the plot good but like I said before..couldn't follow, I was confused with what was happening. I picked this one up because it's about music--which I love. In conclusion, I don't necessarily recommend this to anyone but this is soley my opinion. I am positive someone out there will like it but it just wasn't for me.

 Imagine this okay?:
It's your Sixth Form Parents Night. And here's this bloke dandering towards you. He's dressed in velvet coat-tails and leather trousers. There's a top hat on his head, insane pointy boots on his feet. He's twirling a cane. And staring at you through black eyeliner... Or should that be guyliner? I wouldn't know.
Below a scrappy moustache-looks feathered on with the same pencil he used round his eyes- this bloke's mouth is wide. Moving constantly. Like he's babbling to himself.
Now. What would you think if you saw this guy heading in your direction?