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  If you ever want to contact me to talk about books or whatnot I LOVE email so shoot me an email at and I'll respond within a zap! (Maybe not that quick but I do check my email everyday).  If you want to do a guest post or do a blogger interview feel free to email me with the above address...I would be honoured to have you aboard. Thanks for stopping by & have a great day!

Authors/Publishers: (**REVIEW POLICY**)

  I would be absolutely thrilled if you wanted me to review one of your books! I take ARC's, hard copies/paperbacks, galley's, and ebooks. I am mostly interested in YA romance, dystopians, science fiction, suspense, time travel, historical fiction...but I am trying to stay away from anything paranormal (witches, vampires, zombies, angels, demons etc.) and fantasy, so please none of that. If you want the review done on a certain date, I will absolutely do that. My reviews are always my opinion and I make them fair. I try and bring out positives more than negatives, but they will be true. I use a star rating system: five stars being excellent and at the bottom of the scale one star being well almost unreadable. If you would like me to review, here is my email address: And since I check my email everyday, I will get back to you in no later than a couple days! Thank you for stopping by & have a great day!

Giveaways/Interviews (Authors/Publishers)

If you are interested in me hosting a giveaway for you, I would be overjoyed! You can contact me at If you would like me to interview you on my blog I am ecstatic to have you! My contact is that of the above... Thank you for reading & have a great day!