Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review for Sort of Forever by Sally Warner

Sort of Forever
"Sort Of Forever"

Author: Sally Warner
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Source: Amanda @Amanda's Writings
136 pages
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If you're lucky, at least once you find a "forever friend"--someone you can be angry at one minute and hugging the next, someone you know you'll want to be friends with your whole life. Cady and Nana have that sort of friendship. Nothing could ever stop them from being there for each other--or could it? When Nana is diagnosed with terminal cancer, their friendship undergoes its biggest test... -Summary from Goodreads

   This book is a real tear jerker. Now normally I would not read this book because it is a lower reading level and really short but the story hooked me. Sort of Forever takes the reader on a journey through friendship, how people feel, and makes you appreciate what you already have. Nana and Cady have a special bond, and even as Nana's condition deteriates, that bond stays strong. Cady sticks by her friend and fights the guilty feelings she has...Nana was always there for her and now she wants to be there for Nana. I won't lie, I did cry. And that is really hard to get me to do, so Sally Warner--great writing! The characters are amazing, aside from Nana and Cady, I really liked Cady's little brother, Russell. I loved this book, why didn't I give it a fifth star? It was just so darn sad! I couldn't think of re-reading it..for fear of crying all night. I recommend this book to whoever doesn't mind a tear jerker, lower level reading, and great friendship story! A very inspirational read!


   Nana reached for the bottle of sparkling cider. "Wait a minute," she said. "I want to make a toast, too."
Cady settled back onto the woolly blanket and waited. Nana lifted the bottle. "To us," she said. "Best friends forever!"
"Forever," Cady echoed.
And somewhere in the distance, a dog began to bark.