Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Books! Books! Books!

Here's the deal. My readers know that I go to the library to get my books...and...sadly my library sucks for new releases and they don't have my 'I am going to die if I don't read' books. (Even my whole district doesn't have them!) So big surprise people, I ordered books online! Yes, I'm broke, sad fate I know. BUT I begged and pleaded my case to my parents and bam! I sealed the deal. :) Here was my case: The library doesn't have the books I want, (I ordered from The Book Depository so) the shipping is free, and, heres the deal breaker... they were on sale! Ha, it worked. So enough blabbering what did I get? Well, I'll tell you... THESE BOOKS :D (Click on the picture to get the goodreads description/storyline)

Across the Universe Girl, Stolen Matched (Matched #1) Dash & Lily's Book of Dares Prom and Prejudice Lock and Key Revolution

I would have bought a lot more but these were the ones on sale! There is soo many books I want and sadly I had choose a handful (seriously what is harder than that!) But I am really excited to get these!! Now I just have to wait a few weeks (by the way---I hate waiting!!) I wish I had them already alas I'm just happy I could buy them. Otherwise I would never be able to read them :( Anyways......

What do you think? What books are you dying to have?

Thanks for reading and happy blogging!


  1. I get my books from the library but they are very good with getting new releases sorta, but oddly sometimes when i'm looking for book 1 in a series they won't have it but will have 2-whatever number...its like really you don't have number 1?!!?!?

    I'm pretty sure I have all those on my to read list too XD sometimes i do cave and buy books

    and free shipping :o must check that out!!!! and gratz for the sale :)

  2. I hate when that happens with series..when they have one and not the other! Thank you for stopping by and commenting :)


  3. Awesome books! I've read Across the Universe, Dash & Lily's Book of Dares, and Lock and Key and I liked them all. Hope you enjoy your books! :)

  4. I'm so glad you got some of the ones you've been hoping to read! Maybe the anticipation will only make their arrival that much sweeter. Or maybe someone should invent an instant book teleportation device. :)

  5. ooh, you've got some good ones. Matched is brilliant.
    My library is fairly good with new releases, but sometimes have to wait for requests to be filled before you can get it, so i do sometimes cave and end up buying.
    Hope you enjoy your books when they arrive. :D

  6. Andrea- I hope I like them too! Thanks for stopping by!

    Bea- Wouldn't that be nice or what? I would love that device! Thanks for commenting :)

    Barmybex- Thank you! :) Its nice when your library is good in that regard ;p I wish mine was like that...

    Kulsuma- Thank you for stopping by!


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