Monday, January 10, 2011

First Ever Challenges!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, now its back to the ol'grind. Well, I have decided to enter a few challenges. My FIRST one's ever! So exciting! Here they are:

2011 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge hosted by The Book Junkie's Bookshelf. Click the link to read more about the rules etc.
As you guys know, all of my books come from the library so this is a pretty straight-forward challenge for me. There is levels and I will be doing "Jumbo Size"-read 50 books.

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2011 Wish I'd Read That Challenge hosted by My Love Affair With Books. Click the link to read more about the rules etc.
This is a pretty easy challenge, there is level's and I will be doing "Addicted"-read 12 books.

2011 YA Reading Challenge hosted by For The Love of YA. Click the link for more info and rules.
I only read a odd non-young adult book, so this challenge with include mostly every book I review here. So, I will be doing "The Jumbo Size"-read 40 books.

350 Page Books Challenge hosted by What's Your Story?. Click the link for more info and rules.
There are no levels but I will be going for at least 10 books.

So, are you doing any challenges this year? Drop me a comment, I would love to know :)

Thank you for reading and happy blogging!


  1. Dang! You've signed up for a lot! I'm only doing one (so far--I'll have to check out all the ones you linked to!) which is the YA reading challenge: I'm also doing 40!

  2. Thanks for commenting Bea! Haha yes I haved signed up for a few--I hope I'll be able to complete them at the end of the year!


  3. Hi again--I *just* saw that you've already won the Stylish Blogger Award, but you're winning again! Post is here:
    The evolution of your blog's style in such a short period of time has been impressive!

  4. Thank you so much Bea, it means a lot! Now I will post a comment on your bloggins, saying thank you, just to make sure you know! lol :)


  5. Thanks for participating in Wish I'd Read That Challenge!
    You can link your reviews here:

  6. Holy wow! You are very brave! Good luck!

  7. Thank you Carissa, I need lots of luck for sure!

  8. Good luck to you on all your challenges!


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