Saturday, November 13, 2010

On My Bookshelf !

Hey everyone... so I am calling it "On My Bookshelf" instead of In My Mailbox but its exactly the same thing. Anyways, as you know from my previous post that I went to the library yesterday and got a grand total of three books. Here they are:

Better Off Famous by Jane Mendle (I have finished this one and will post the review tomorrow)...
 Click here for the storyline :)
Paper Towns by John Green (This I have almost completed review will be either tomorrow or the next day)....
 Click here for the storyline.

And His Sweet Favour by Diane Tucker (Obviously I have not read this one yet :D Not that fast!)....

His Sweet Favour  Click here for the storyline.
 So what are your thoughts? Have you ever seen these before? I picked them mostly because of there covers and the last two in the list were marked as new. They were about the only ones that interested me as well... and they have not disappointed me yet! Have a good weekend everyone! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I like John Green's books a lot. Paper Towns was excellent! I haven't heard of the other two, so I'm interested to see what you thought!


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