Thursday, November 11, 2010

Contest and Question!

Emy shin had held a contest for the book Matched and the winner was announced! Yup, Rachel Harris! I am depressed I didn't win that amazing book but I hope that Rachel will post somewhere how she liked it! I really wish I could have gotten it but hey I can't get everything! I am so happy for her :D So here is my question. As you may have noticed in previous blog posts from me that I am really handicapped in regards to the books I can read. Since I am poor (yes, not too much money on the side), I can't buy all the books I want so I rely on the library. Which in my case, the library sucks for YA book selection. All the blogs I've visited have their reviews of NEW books that sometimes aren't even released. Besides buying them how do they get their hands on the books? For example the above mentioned Matched, it hasn't been published yet but I see so many blogs that have a review for it...HELP! I would be so honored to recieve a newer book that I can give my opinion on! Thanks so much...that's all for now. Blogger out!


  1. Hey, Lulu! "Matched" looks really good, doesn't it? As far as I know, a lot of the bloggers who are reviewing books before they're released are being sent Advance Review Copies (ARCs) from the publishers. Libraries are great, but a lot of them do have limited YA sections. :( Does your library do inter-library lending? They might request a book you want from a different library so you could check it out.

  2. Thank you Bea! Yah, my libary does but even the others in my area don't have a good selection :( Doesn't help that they aren't bigger cities either, they are really small :o


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