Thursday, November 4, 2010

Book Blogger Hop, November 5-8, 2010!

Now for my third Blogger Hop question! Yay! Here it is:
This week's question comes from Vicki who blogs at The Wolf's Den:

"What are your feelings on losing followers? Have you ever stopped following a blog?"

My answer: Here's the answer for the first question. Honestly, I imagine I would feel horrible if I were to lose a follower but since it hasn't happened (yet) I don't feel very qualified to answer this. I do have 9 great followers and I read their blogs everyday, so I can confidently say, I would deeply miss having them! Their blogs are amazing and I feel like I've gotten to know their reading style and what they like through their blogs, I feel sort of connected (since I love reading as well, obviously), and I would be disappointed in myself for losing them. I know I shouldn't take it personally but I find that very hard. This was an honest answer and probably someone in the world thinks I'm doing this just because I want followers, but sadly their wrong, I love reading and I want to share my opinions! And by having followers it allows me to know that there are a handful of people who I can share those opinions with! I think it is a great opportunity...Thanks everyone :) As for the second question. This is a simple answer. No. I have never stopped following a blog. :D Take care everyone! Thanks for reading....blogger out!


  1. If someone is genuine and enthusiastic about reading/blogging, it makes it all the more fun and interesting to read their posts. It's great that you love it so much!

  2. Thanks Bea! :D Your comment is so true!
    P.S I hope your writing is going well! Good luck!


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