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Review for Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott

Love You Hate You Miss You

Author: Elizabeth Scott
Source: Public Library
Challenges: For the Love of YA, Library Challenge
276 pages

"Get this, I'm supposed to be starting a journal about "my journey." Please. I can see it now: Dear Diary, As I'm set adrift on this crazy sea called "life" . . . I don't think so. It's been seventy-five days. Amy's sick of her parents suddenly taking an interest in her. And she's really sick of people asking her about Julia. Julia's gone now, and she doesn't want to talk about it. They wouldn't get it, anyway. They wouldn't understand what it feels like to have your best friend ripped away from you. They wouldn't understand what it feels like to know it's your fault. Amy's shrink thinks it would help to start a diary. Instead, Amy starts writing letters to Julia. But as she writes letter after letter, she begins to realize that the past wasn't as perfect as she thought it was—and the present deserves a chance too." -Goodreads

    Ok, so this sounds like a great book right? I thought so. I'm not saying it wasn't but it just didn't work for me.

   The main character Amy is utterly devestated at the loss of her best friend. The worst part? She blames herself and even Julia's mother blames her for her daughters death. So, Amy had to go to this rehab center for her drinking and deal with changes in her home life. I just didn't connect with her though. Sure, I felt so sorry for her but I just couldn't relate to her feelings all that well. Now, also by way of the cover you probably think "Does this have some sort of romance? With the rose petals? Or does the petals refer to her friend?" I think the rose petals do refer to Julia but yes there is a bit of romance in this book. Sort of. It's more like she has a spark with a guy and ends up hooking up because 'they know what each other is going through' blah blah... it didn't go exactly like but you get the jist. It was kinda weird. The characters were ok but they didn't become real to me that I felt feelings for them besides Amy who I felt terrible for.

   I found the plot incredibly slow moving. This is basically a book centered on Amy's thoughts and how she goes through the four month's (or so) after Julia's death and how she copes. The letters to Julia were an interesting touch but no real problems arise that are exciting. I understand that not every book can have exciting plots but it just was kinda flat for me. Also the writing was sometimes confusing. I had to re-read a few parts to make sure I got the sense of what the author was trying to convey. It was also frustrating because the author only gives you a little bit of background, actually none at the start, and you have to try and piece stuff together. That is a good technique but it just left me lost half the time, trying to guess at what might have happened or how things were. And you don't get the revelation until about three-quarters of the book. Sigh. But the story was a good one in itself. A very tragic one at that.

    Do I recommend it? Well, I don't want to say No... Don't even go there because it wasn't bad. It just wasn't my type of story. So, if you are interested and see it at your library or borrow it - give it a try. It's not as terrible as I may make it sound. If you do decided to read it and love it then I am happy! Lots of people liked it (check out goodreads) so it's up to you!


Dear Julia,

Get this, I'm supposed to be starting a journal about "my journey." Please. I can see it now:

Dear Diary,
As I'm set adrift on this crazy sea called "life," I like to think of an inspirational poem I heard not long ago, one that made me weep because of its beauty. Today, I truly believe each day is a precious gift....

I don't think so.

Anyway, while Dr.Marks (mustache like you wouldn't believe, long and shaggy and made even worse by the fact that he's always got crumbs in it) babbles on about how we need a place to share our "experiences", I'm writing to you.


  1. Aw, I'm sorry this book wasn't for you :\

    I just finished my first Elizabeth Scott novel, too! But I read THE UNWRITTEN RULE. Lulu, READ IT! you won't regret it, I promise! It's a great book... or at least I thought it was :)haha!

  2. Ok! I trust you :) I must go check what it is all about now... very curious! Thanks for sharing - off to Goodreads! lol Thanx for stopping by!


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