Friday, June 17, 2011

Status report and New Winner!!

Hi readers! Isn't the world a magical place where school no longer exists? Oh that's just my opinion? Well, I am having a grand ol time not having to hand in reports and tests and whatever else teachers dream up. Since I am free from the bondages of the public learning system (no it's not that bad but still) I will be posting things other than reviews. Yay! Like a few memes as well and maybe a cover discussion because are the covers getting more gorgeous or is it just me noticing? Well, that was my lame status report on to the second portion....

As most know, my first giveaway was that of Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. The winner was Cindy but she hasn't responded at all so I have to assume she is not going to. (I'm sorry Cindy if you've been on vacation or something D:) The new winner is


April X
Hopefully April will respnd otherwise I am the worst hostess of giveways. Sigh. Well thanks for reading and stay tuned for my review of My Unfair Godmother :) Peace and love...

**Update: She responded... Yay! :) **



  1. you are one of the coolest girls everrr! even if April X didnt reply, you'd still be an awesome hostess :)

  2. Thanks D! Haha, I try and strive for coolness but sometimes it evades me! lol Thanks for your kind words!


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