Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review for Gone

Gone (Gone, #1)Gone (Gone #1)

Author:  Michael Grant
Publisher: HarperTeen
Source: Public Library
Challenges: For the Love of YA, Library Challenge
558 pages

"In the blink of an eye. Everyone disappears. GONE. Except for the young. Teens. Middle schoolers. Toddlers. But not one single adult. No teachers, no cops, no doctors, no parents. Just as suddenly, there are no phones, no internet, no television. No way to get help. And no way to figure out what's happened. Hunger threatens. Bullies rule. A sinister creature lurks. Animals are mutating. And the teens themselves are changing, developing new talents—unimaginable, dangerous, deadly powers—that grow stronger by the day.  It's a terrifying new world. Sides are being chosen, a fight is shaping up. Townies against rich kids. Bullies against the weak. Powerful against powerless. And time is running out: On your birthday, you disappear just like everyone else... "- Goodreads

       Let me just get this off my chest first.... I don't think I've ever read a book that thick before! I mean over 500 pages? I am very proud that I can now say that! Gone I found was a unique read that left me wanting more of this series!

     There are many many characters in this book so I am just going to focus on Sam Temple who I believe is the main character. From the start he is a very likeable person, I found he was a perfect main character. He didn't want to be in the center of attention and have a neon sign saying 'this guys a hero' but he wasn't afraid to step up and take action. He is definitely someone you want around when the world goes nuts because he thinks, acts, and deals with consequences. There are many other kids and characters within this story, who I thought fit well. Some, one in particular, Quinn I found I never knew what to expect from him. And like Lana, I found her story awesome. Let's just say I had a few favourites.... but all the characters didn't clash instead they provided the needed attributes to make this story work and the plot turn out.

     The plot is genius. I mean a world without adults, how awesome is that? Totally not awesome. And this book brings out why. For one thing, I would have blinked out (I'm 15) which totally sucks! Second, the place goes mad. Third, kids have evil minds sometimes *shudders*. The author kept adding new elements into the story and it just built up and built up, it was a very addicting rea! What he also did was have many different POV 's (point of views) which I loved. Because this gave us perspective from all angles. Plus, at one point I was wondering: how do these seperate experiences of kids fit together? Then, bam! All of them came together and was critical for the reader to get enough facts to figure out events that unfolded. But I must warn audiences: it can get pretty cruel. It is very intense and sad sometimes. Kids die, they starve, get beat up etc. The desicions of some kids were very poor too and I constantly had to remind myself that 'hold on, these are 14 years and younger'. I am so happy if I don't find myself in that situation though....

   I recommend it to those who like future world, mystery, romance (there is some in here!), and thrills. Don't judge this book by its cover (I know it's not the nicest cover) because this is a great action packed book! I'm crossing my fingers the library has Hunger :p

Here's the book trailor:


One minute the teacher was talking about the Civil War. And the next minute he was gone.
No "poof." No flash of light. No explosion.
Sam Temple was sitting in third-period history class staring blankly at the blackboard, but far away in his head. In his head he was down at the beach, he and Quinn. Down at the beach with their boards, yelling, bracing for that first plunge into cold Pacific water.
For a moment he thought he had imagined it, the teacher disappearing. For a moment he thought he'd slipped into a daydream.
Sam turned to Mary Terrafino, who sat just to his left. "You saw that, right?"
Mary was staring hard at the place where the teacher had been.
"Um, where's Mr. Trentlake?" It was Quinn Gaither, Sam's best, maybe only, friend. Quinn sat right behind Sam. The two of them favored window seats because sometimes if you caught just the right angle, you could actually see a tiny sliver of sparkling water between the school buildings and the homes beyond.
"He must have left," Mary said, not sounding like she believed it.
Edilio, a new kid Sam found potentially interesting, said, "No, man. Poof." He did a thing with his fingers that was a pretty good illustration of the concept.
Kids were staring at one another, craning their necks this way and that, giggling nervously. No one was scared. No one was crying. The whole thing seemed kind of funny.
"Mr. Trentlake poofed?" said Quinn, with a suppressed giggle in his voice.
"Hey," someone said, "where's Josh?"
Heads turned to look.



  1. sounds very onteresting, Lu! Hadn't heard about this one yet. will have to check it out

  2. Nice review! I really, really want to read this series. I loved the Everworld series that Michael Grant co-wrote with K.A. Applegate, and it sounds like a lot of the things I like from that series are here in this series (fast pace, brutal, switching POV, a little romance, action). It really says something when you read a book with this many pages and you end up wanting more.


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