Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Stuff!

Ok, so as you guys may have noticed (or not), I have added a few things near the end of my blog! One is my bookshelf; this will show what books I want to read...and hopefully get to read. This one is located at the left hand side of the page. :) And the the other addition is the spinning carousal. I thought it looked pretty neat, it will be showing some of my many favourites. Unfortunetly, it can only hold a certain amount so....I can only put a few in there. Thanks for all your comments as well, I love all my followers (all nine! yay :D) their blogs are if your reading my blog for the first time (or however often) and are interested in other blogs check theirs out! You won't be disappointed! Keep reading! Bye...


  1. I like this green layout! Also, that spinning carousel is *too* fun--I sat here spinning it. It was joyous.

  2. Thanks, I have been testing different looks and I kinda like this one (for now)! :p You definatly got me to laugh though! :) lol


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