Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hey Everyone!

  So, I got a call from the library earlier and they said that they just received the book I have been waiting for! It's the second book in the Gallagher Girl Series by Ally Carter. I finished I'd Tell You I Love You but Then I'd Have To Kill You. Amazing enough, I loved the book. Has anyone read it? Now I am going to pick up the next one in the series: Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy. I am hoping it is as good as the first one. I am also going to see if the library has Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson and maybe 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen  Johnson. I've heard they were good. Well I'll keep you posted on what I find out! Thanks for reading my first blog EVER! I really appreciate it! P.S. Has anyone read The Scorch Trails by James Dashner yet? I read the Maze Runner and loved it...I would love to hear if its good or not.. Thanks!


  1. Hey Lulu it's me Amanda :) I read the Scorch Trials and it was amazing! Better than The Maze Runner! The only problem I have with it is the wait for the third book. Sigh. Happy Reading!

  2. Thanks Amanda! Yah I have that lots too, most books I pick are in a series so I have to usually waitfor the next one. Well, I'll definatly look around for the Scorch Trails then!

  3. I have 'Scorch Trials' on my 'to read list'. Hopefully it's a good sequel!!!!


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