Sunday, December 18, 2011

Did I Challenge Myself? 2011 Challenges Summary

Hey all you readers and bloggers! How is your winter break going? Good I hope, not too cold :) So, its that time of the year.... time to weigh in on the challenges of 2011. This was my first year blogging so this was my first set of challenges!

How'd I do? Lets see...

350 Page Book Challenge350 Page Books Challenge

Goal: 10 books
Read: 10 books (and more!)
Status: Completed! I finished this challenge but that was only because there were so many great long books :) It went awesome!

2011 YA Reading Challenge

Goal: 40 books
Read: 40 books (and lots more!)
Status: Completed! I totally owned did good on this one because my whole reading list is YA novels. I read nothing else so yeah, this challenge custom fit me. It was totally unfair to the challenge.

ImageShack, share photos, pictures, free image hosting, free video hosting, image hosting, video hosting, photo image hosting site, video hosting siteWish I'd Read That Challenge

Goal: 12 books
Read: 12 books (and a few extra)
Status: Completed! This one I kept small but there were so many that I 'wished to read' it wasn't too hard to get to my goal :)

Support Your Loca Library2011 Reading Challenge

Goal: 50 books
Read: 26 books
Status: Utter fail! Yeah I suck didn't do so well. I was expecting this to be my best one so I shot high! (The sky's the limit right?) Ha! I guess I got lots of books from other places that kept me occupied :( I usually go to the library a lot...I blame school.

So how'd I do readers? Good, bad? I think it went alright, it was fun! I'm kinda disappointed in myself that the library challenge didn't work out... I truly love the library! Anyways, I want to also announce quickly that if I get to 100 followers  (I've made it readers!! Eeek! So I'll do a giveaway later this week for you all!) And there might be another one coming in a few days! Keep a look out!

How did you do? What challenges challenged you? If you didn't par-take, are you going to try it for 2012? Thanks for reading!


  1. YAY!! Good job on completing your challenges!! Thank you for sharing your great achievement!! ^_^ Happy reading!!

    Books For All Seasons

  2. WOW Wonderful! You did a great job Lulu!!!! Congrats Congrats Congrats! I don't think I could have done THAT well :) Keep up the great work!!!!

    International 300 Follower Giveaway

  3. Honestly, I think you did great! 26 books from the library is pretty impressive so don't feel bad!


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