Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter is Here!

Hi readers! Ok, so maybe winter was here a week ago. Or maybe for you its still autumn with no snow. But for me and my neighbors here in British Columbia in the Cariboo Region winter came last week. And I wanted to share some pictures with you! I happen to enjoy winter because I personally think its a majestical season where everything glimmers. Its true its cold but I can live with that. As you can see I have 'winterized' my blog. How does everyone like it? Yay or nay? Well here are my pics that I took today (it wasn't the greatest picture day lol)

Here is my front yard.... the lake is iced over now!!

And here is my dog posed....

And for good measure and to avoid sibling rivarly here is one of my cat...

And lastly here is one of our driveway....

Yeah that last one doesn't serve a purpose. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed them! I could have added more, especially of the lake and my animals but I don't want to go overboard :) Now how is this book related? Its not. Really. But doesn't all this snow make you want to curl up in an armchair and read a good book? It does for me!
So, how about you? Do you have snow yet? Do you like winter or hate it? What books do you want to read this winter? Any recommendations? Thanks for reading everyone!


  1. woa. so glad that hasnt happened yet here... lol. Winter and i have like a love hate thing. yea its beautiful but it is COLD. Im from Chicago, so we dont get snow till mid december, but then it will last till almost march, and i love your new backgrounds and stuff its super cute! do you make it all yourself or find a template?

  2. I think winter is beautiful and I love your photos but I hate the cold. Luckily where I am in the UK it's not too bad yet, we haven't even put our heating on yet. It's strangely warm. Wearing more layers but good so far.
    Hope you can curl up with lots of good books.

  3. Sorry to hear you don't love winter and I agree it is cold! Sadly I did not make the background it is a template :) lol I'm not gifted in the CSS area! Thanks for your opinion and comment Dana :)

    That's good to hear it hasn't got cold yet! Thanks for your comment Bramybex!! I hope you can too!

  4. I heart the first snow. I heart how my animals play in the snow. I heart snow for Christmas. I heart snow until about mid-feb and then I no longer heart snow.

    We got a dusting the other day, but I feel it is coming back - mind you we had a tornado touch down in WNY yesterday... bad omen?

    Your animals are so cute!

  5. Haha yes, I have to admit that about at the end of february I don't heart the snow too much any more! Thanks for your comment Michelle!

  6. Lu, these are beautiful!! and that lake.... AWESOME! I bet you Summer is a lot of fun at your house.

    I wished it snowed here in Southern California. If I want snow I have to go up the mountain, maybe a 2 hour drive.... it's not bad at all, I just wish I could wake up one day to a snowy morning (just like they do in the movies) :)haha!

    I love your pets! Your dog is sooo cuuttee!

  7. Yes my summer is super fun :D Lots of swimming and boatin'!
    Lol, the movies always make it look so special :) Thanks for your comment Diana!

  8. First of all love the pics! They look gorgeous but right now as I'm sitting in my blanket shivering...yeah it doesn't make me feel much better hahaha

    Anyway have you read Delirium by Lauren Oliver? I just read and LOVED it lol :)

    I'm not much of a swimmer but hey who doesn't love summer?!?!? I'm more of an indoors person so yeah...

    However think about winter as one step closer to Christmas...which means presents!!!!


  9. I love these pictures! Ah, you live in such a beautiful area. I would love to live in a place that looks like that. Your pets are so cute, too!

    I love winter, when I don't have to go anywhere :P

  10. I haven't had a chance to read Delirium yet... I'll be looking out for it though! I'm glad to hear you loved it! Thanks for reading Jaskirat!

    Haha lol! Thanks for reading and your comment Small!


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