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Cover Crazy: Betrayal by Mayandree Michel

Cover Crazy is a weekly meme hosted by Tawni at The Book Worms where a beautiful cover is featured each week for all of us to admire. I will be doing it every once in a while... whenever a beautiful, unique, or stylish cover comes along! So, lets get started!

This week's cover is.... Betrayal by Mayandree Michel. I saw this cover over at Shelby's blog and fell in love.
Betrayal (The Descendants #1)

Got a good look? Yeah? Doesn't the dress make you drool? I would so want to own it even if I didn't wear it. So instead of just showing you, I want to do what Small does and review it. Let's break this cover down and look at the different aspects I enjoy (feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments!)


1. The model and dress.

I probably could go on and on about the dress but I will restrain myself. *takes deep breath* Right, that will work. The colour is magnificent.... gold, how nice! The overall feel of the cover is warm and it attracts me to it. The folds in the dress and the design in the bodice are breath-taking. Such a slim waist too! I would kill for that! The updo for the girls hair I think fits the posture perfectly. Normally I like hair to be down but in this case, no. It's simple and elegant. Overall very beautiful model and dress!

2. The Greek building.

I'm not an expert but is that I colonnade? To be safe I will just call it a 'building'. Its nice how it's integrated in the clouds, making it less noticable but bring curiousity to the readers mind. The way the clouds flow with the trees and are so puffy - lack of better term - they look majestical in a way. Anyways, I would predict that the building is important after all it is on the cover! And by the description of the book, its about Cordelia being a descendant of the Greek gods. Interesting.

3. The Lightening bolt.

Or at least that is what I believe it to be. It draws the eyes towards it (after the dress of course) and it looks like its significant. What can she do? It just crackles with energy! Adding a little weariness to the reader. After all beautiful women are dangerous... right? I like the feeling of power we get from her and yet she has feminity.  

4. The font.

What is it about cursive writing (even if its a single letter) that makes a cover featuring a pretty dress that much more... well... pretty? The B just swirls and makes it look elegent. But as I think about it (I believe I'm over analyzing) Betrayal is a dirty, mean, hard word while the B is soft and delicate. Irony! Although I like the combo of the red and gold, I find the title doesn't stand out enough. It feels sub-dued. But maybe that's just me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
As a final verdict to my ramblings, I find this cover guilty of being stunning. I can't help but be perked up at the sight of it and wonder, "What's it about?" (followed by the thought, "Ooouu, pretty dress - give me, give me!")

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Thank you all for reading my first Cover Crazy post (review) and please tell me your thoughts! Disagree? Tell me! Agree? Tell! I want to know what you think too! Happy reading everyone :)


  1. Ooh, very lovely! I like how this cover is sort of a modern twist on old lore with an element on paranormal. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

    My Cover Crazy

  2. Very well put... I think you summed up my whole post :) Thanks for checking it out, I went and looked at yours (look for my comment!)

  3. The dress is by far the best part! What I wouldn't give to own it...even though I would have no where to wear it to:(

    Thanks for mentioning me! It made me :) (smile).

  4. Oohhh very pretty! I'm a little weirded out by the lightning bolts coming out of her hand but overall its pretty cool. I agree with you the dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! :D

  5. Yeah, I would have no where to wear it to either.. oh well, would be nice just to have :) And no problem, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have seen it! Thanks for reading Shelby!

    Actually it is pretty weird! Good point :D Thanks for looking Julia!

  6. That dress is gorgeous! I so wish i could own something that beautiful!

  7. Love how you do your cover crazy posts!
    When I look at this quickly I think it's awesome but little things get to me about this one. Unsure what to think of it overall!

  8. This cover is definitely pretty! I like the colors. That and the lightening bolt make it look very stormy, which makes me think fast-paced plot and lots of action. I love all the swirls on the B in Betrayal and the red. I do agree though, it does get a little lost in the folds of her dress.

    So glad you like my cover review style! Thank you for linking to me :)

  9. I like the cover a lot! It looks creepy, but still it looks pretty! Great choice! Thank you for sharing it!

    New follower!! Yay! :)

    Books For All Seasons


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