Saturday, October 1, 2011

Falling In To Books Blog Hop Giveaway CLOSED :(

Hey everyone... sorry to announce that the Falling In To Books Blog Hop is over D: If you didn't get a chance to enter, DO NOT despair for as soon as I reach 100 followers I will hopefully be having a giveaway *crosses fingers* ! I have no idea what that will be but it will be ah-some :) THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ENTERING MY GIVEAWAY and for doing all those extra things, you guys are amazing!! Everyone gets a virtual hug :D

Now I will be announcing the winner tomorrow if no technical issues arise!! So please stayed tuned to see who wins Where I Belong by Gwendolyn Heasley! If in the case I do not post a winner it is because of a really sorry excuse. Well, in truth it's a short story. Want to hear it?

Sheesh. Fine. I won't tell lets just say it involves me and my best friend..... Yeah, the cat was right, my story's not at all enthralling.

Anyhoo, make sure to check back for reviews, giveaways, memes and so much more!!
Thanks for reading, xoxo!