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Review for Tikmia by F.H. Faizal


Author: F.H. Faizal
Publisher: F.H. Faizal
Source: PDF from publisher
Challenges: For the Love of YA
333 pages


"Seventeen year old Alia's life on the seemingly-perfect island is shrouded by lies. Everything she's loved has been taken away from her - even her memory.
Who killed her parents? Who's taking the orphans she's spent the past two years with?
Why does the man she despise resemble her so much? Who is he?
Her only source of happiness is her two sisters - she will do anything to keep them safe.
Until she fails. Until she is forced to choose. One sister will live, the other will die.
Alia and her sister find out everything is not as it seems. No one is who they say they are. Soon, they find out that they are part of something greater - an experiment that results in the creation of a new race. They look like us, but they are faster, stronger, and they feed on the raw flesh of animals.
And worse, the red-eyed Tikmia are intelligent and they have the ability to change shape at whim.
A devastating fire, a mysterious, mesmerizing creature, the colors Alia now sees - everything leads back to the Tikmia."-Goodreads
    Expect the unexpected. Don`t assume. Once you think you know what might happen or how things might turn out, most likely you`ll be wrong. Or at least I was, for well the whole book. It kept me on my toes, it was awesome!

   Alia was the main character, and I liked her right from the start. She didn`t whine or complain, she took the logical route and conquered her problems. I loved how she loved her sisters. It touched my heart so much because she cared for them both immensily. Ella and Joanna were well developed and I would have loved to have them as sisters. But you know who was my favouriteÉ Eben. Yup, I thought he was so sweet and caring for Alia and her sisters. I was impressed too how he handled some tough situations. All the characters, good bad, human and not-so human were believable and creative.
   Wow. What a plot! This has so much action, mystery, and thrills in it to keep you going till the end. I mean there were a lot of twists that I did see coming! I would be like `oh, I think I know what might happen`haha your right to laugh in my face; I was so naive. I really enjoyed how I was surprised, touched, and was on the edge of my seat for most of the book.... F.H. Faizal put a lot of creativity into this plot!

  So would I recommend it? Absolutely. If you`re into these types of books, go for it. And was is the most amazing part? That is was written by one of our very own bloggers! So bravo, F.H. Faizal, you can sleep at night knowing you did a good job! Can I comment on the cover too... whoa. This cover goes with this book so well, the colours really do mean everything! I like how it`s so bright too!


   This is my life now - worry, fear, and something else. The happy, carefree life I lived before my sisters and I were dragged on to this island is gone. Along with the people I once loved. Now, my future`s as small as this island. The island is run by Doctor Christopher Meld. I try to think back to that day - I can hear my mother`s screams, my father`s fearful shouts. I can see my brother running fractically, but as always, my mind turns blank and dark after that point.
Just like the room around me.
Just like my hopeless life.


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    Wow, this sounds great! I love how the plot was so unexpected and that there was always new twists and turns popping up. Hmm, the premise sounds absolutely amazing as well! A new race? I'm intrigued! Oh, and I like the cover a lot too :) Awesome review!


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