Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Taking time off!

Hey everyone! As you may have noticed I haven't posted in a few days. :( I deeply apologize for that. I am staying and visiting family this week so I've decided to use it as an opportunity to take some time off. But when I get back it will be full speed ahead. I will be posting lots of reviews! I hope no one minds I take a week off with family! Have a great week everyone and happy blogging!

(sorry my signature is plain but I am using my mobile)


  1. no worries girly, i know exactly what you mean! i had fam over for the holidays and they just recently left a couple nights ago! In case we dont hear from you, happy new year :)

  2. Enjoy your break! Blogging is kind of like a job-- we all need a break sometime!

  3. Looking forward to your return! Hope you enjoy your break :)

  4. Hi lulu!

    sorry I just saw your comment on my Christmas post. Thanks for commenting! Like you I took a bit of a break... And as for the promise of Christmas cookies, I’m not sure if you'll still want them, since its after Christmas and I’m entirely cookie-ed out. But here goes any way... *hands virtual cookies through computer screen* I hope you enjoy them, they are really quite scrumptious if I must say so myself...

    Have a wonderful break and a happy 2011!



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