Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stacking the Shelves (8)

Stacking the Shelves is a meme created/hosted by the lovely Tynga @ Tynga's Reviews! (All credit goes to her for this meme.) If you want to participate click on the link! The more the merrier! It's a chance to showcase titles that arrived in the mail or for review... any book goodies over the past week (or weeks for me)

Borrowed from Library

 12842115   Anastasia's Secret

(click on covers to see their Goodread's synopsis)

I've read many positive reviews for Just One Day, and I know from experience that Gayle Forman is one heck of a writer. In other words: It's pretty much a guaranteed good read, so I am excited! Anastasia's Secret was recommend to me by a friend a long time ago and I just recently thought of it (thank you Endless by Amanda Gray for jogging my memory). Ah I can't wait to read it!! Plus, I am in love with the cover... and jealous of the girl: why are some born with so much beauty?

'Nuff about me. What did YOU lovelies get? Leave LINKS to your post and I'll visit. Thanks for reading...

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  1. Susanne Dunlap is one of those YA historical fiction authors I've been meaning to read for so long now. I hope you like Anastasia's Secret. I'm in love with the cover too :)


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