Saturday, September 10, 2011

Updates, Information, Giveaways....

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful summer, I know I tried to have one :) I just thought it would be nice of me to give you some updates, tell you about some stuff happening here on the blog and in my life. So, lets get started.

First, I want to tell you it is:

Yes you heard it right! I am going to be doing another giveaway except this time I will be participating in a hop! Michelle from Oh For the Love of Books! has decided to set up a hop called "Falling In to Books" (awesome idea)!

Falling Into Books Blog Hop

Now you're all wondering... What are you giving away? Get to it already! Well I have looked at my very limited bookshelf and have decided to giveaway my own copy (the first book I won ever!) of:

Where I Belong

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I am not hosting it right now! I will be shortly, so don't leave email addresses in comments (unless you want me to email you :p)! So yup, that is that. You will be hearing more from me on this topic!

Next I would like to mention to my readers that I have updated my "Who Am I" page its a bit different as well as some other pages :) I also now have a Facebook account, so if you want to follow me click HERE. Thanks!

I have completed all of my Challenges except the "Library Challenge" check it out. I'm proud of myself.

As many of you know it is back to school... school started on the 7th for me :( This is how I feel:

Sigh. Anyways, things might get a bit slow around here during the first few months. And I deeply apologize for that. Also my internet sucks and doesn't work half the time so it makes posting difficult. I will try and schedule many posts so that you have something to read!

Lastly I wanted to tell everyone some EXCITING NEWS! I have ordered this series:
Aren't they beautiful? *gazes at them lustfully* I cannot wait for them to come in! If you have not read them LOOK INTO READING THEM asap! Waterfall was amazing :)

Well if you stuck around this long I should reward you. Have you seriously read this whole post? Wow. You are one strong person. I would have clicked out. You should be rewarded. Sigh. I would give you something if I had something. How about a virtual hug? *HUGS* Thanks :D

Thanks for reading & have a great day!


  1. Hey lady! I am dying to get my hands on that series. I cant wait to hear what you have to say! Talk to you soon and thanks for the shout out!

  2. I know, summer was to short. My school started on the twenty-ninth of August, and my town's school started two weeks before that! I am so with you, Byron:)

  3. Hey Lulu!

    Can't wait to read your reviews!

  4. Michelle - A teaser for what I will say in the review is that it was AWESOME! :) Thanks for dropping by and for the totally amazing idea of the hop!

    Shelby - No way! Ugh, my condolences to you! I'm with Byron too, where was our summer? lol Thanks for commenting!

    Stephlikesyourface - Haha no problem, I've got plenty of those to give away ;p Thanks for reading the whole post (it was a killer I know!)

    Amanda - Hey Amanda! I hope to have them up soon! Thanks for reading!

  5. Sending a hug back your way! :) G'luck at school!

  6. Thanks for the hug, luck and for commenting! lol :)

  7. Thanks for your comment on my newest post! And yeah, I was near the crying stage too. Either that, or screaming really loudly and throwing my computor out the window...but I decided my family might think I was weird(er) if I did that!

  8. Haha yes, I know the feeling! Even my family thinks I'm weird :/ Lol! Thanks for the extra comment (two from you - I feel so lucky :D)


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